We are located at 117 East South Street Downtown Kalamazoo, MI. 49007.  We Will Also Travel To You and Set Up a Party As Far East As Detroit, Michigan.

Unleash your inner artist as you wet your pallet (your canvas and your tongue!) and cast off inhibitions to create your newest artistic masterpiece! Enjoy this safe, fun experience with bona fide artists leading you, your family and friends, step-by-step, in creating not only a wonderful piece of art, but memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy our relaxing setting right in the heart of artsy downtown Kalamazoo. You have the fun ~ we won't judge! Please bring your own snack or beverage or order hors d'oeuvres.  

While creating art is the root of Wet Paint and Palette, servicing the community's youth is the numbe one priority.  A portion of the proceeds go toward providing positive, memorable experiences for youth from low-income backgrounds. 


In addition to these live art experiences, we also host: 

  • Art camps and workshops for all ages 
  • Live art & live jazz sets  
  • Open poetry / mic nights accompanied by live art 
  • Networking opportunities


As you have fun, know that you are also supporting our work with community youth. As a non-profit, we are dedicated to raising funds to use to expose disadvantaged youth to the world of art and self-expression.

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