Come, unleash your inner artist!!!  

We provide a variety of Art Entertainment experiences: 


Canvas painting with instruction: 

Celebrate your date night, first date, friends bonding, after-work affair, 'just because' or any other occasion with our canvas painting by instruction. Bring the crew - or yourself! - and sign up to replicate the art piece of your choice.  Please see our calendar for reservations.  Fee: $35 per seat  


Canvas painting with instruction (private groups): 

Let us turn your vision into reality, and make your birthday party, ladies' night out, corporate team-building activity, holiday celebrations, going-away party, bridal shower, baby shower, or bachelor or bachelorette party! Once your party is confirmed, a personal assistant will contact you to collaborate on plans to ensure this is an enjoyable, memorable experience - from the catering food and beverages, selecting decorations, planning photography and selecting live entertainment. She will also set up a consultation for you to speak one on one with our artist about creating a piece of art for your special occasion. Please call 248-431-1371 to schedule or complete a private party information form. Fees: Adult private groups $35 per seat, with a minimum of 20 guests; children's private group, $25 per seat, with a minimum of 15 guests.  

Open painting:  

This is an opportunity for artists and novices to come in and paint freestyle (without instruction).  We will provide the paint, canvas and space. Call 248-431-1371 to schedule a time to freestyle.  Fee:  $25.00 per artist for 2 hour sessions (2 hour minimum)  

Poetry and live art: 

Express yourself! It's our Poetry Open Mic night and we encourage you to let the world know what you're thinking and feeling. You can simultaneously enjoy a live art demonstration. Paintings will be auctioned off on Poetry and Live Art evenings. Use our calendar to reserve your seat today.  Limited seating; $15 per person (includes a raffle ticket)  

Art therapy: 

Art is a great medium for expressing a myriad of emotions and for channeling negative energy.  Therapists, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with your clients at Wet Paint and Pallet ; here, you can guide them through a therapeutic experience that will enhance current therapeutic intervention. Please call 248-431-1371 to schedule. Fee:  $45 per 45-minute sessions.    

Art Camp: 

Let your child's heart and imagination run wild! This camp is designed for youth ages 4 and 5, who can enjoy mixing colors, painting on canvas and finger-painting (which promotes sensory integration).  In this camp, all senses are used, including that of taste (we use edible paint).  Our staff will guide the youth in focusing on the process, instead of the end result, helping to bolster their creativity.  We offer four consecutive days of 2-hour classes @ $120 (limited seating).  Please call 248-431-1371 to enroll your youth. 

Adult Art Workshops: 

Always wanted to create your own jewelry? Well, this is the workshop for you. We use a myriad of artistic mediums - from jewelry to masks to journals and picture frames. We'll discuss masks we should keep and which ones we should discard, as we learn which mask is appropriate to  use when and where!  Don't miss this opportunity to de-stress and express!  Watch our calendar for opportunities.  

Corporate Team Building: 

Looking for a fun way to build and inspire teamwork in a non-threatening, non-judgmental setting? Bring your team or employees and join us at Wet Paint and Pallet, where we will show you how to get those creative juices and team synergy flowing - on the same accord!


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